Shodokan Open Tournament Results

Nage No Kata
Gold:  Guthrie/Miguel – Sussex Shodokan
Silver:   Brenner/Ralfe – Shodokan Scotland
Bronze:   Johnson/Johnson – Shodokan South East

Randori No Kata
Gold:   Plummer/Clement – Kyogikan
Silver:   Kamara/Wilson – Tanseikan
Bronze:   Kawasaki/Murzynova – Tanseikan

Tanto Randori No Kata
Gold:   Chater/Coveney – Shodokan Kyogikan
Silver:   Gallagher/Saunders – Shodokan Leeds
Bronze:   Hatward/Hayward – Sussex

Goshin No Kata
Gold:  Wolput/Chater – Tanseikan
Silver:  Nalaskowska/Ang – Shodokan Kyogikan
Bronze:  Saul/Nisbett – Shodokan Scotland

Randori – Womens Individuals
Gold:  Wolput [...]

Congratulations to Russell Marsh - graded to 1st Kyu!

Grading Panel:  Chris Stamate 4th Dan & Jerome Chin-Aleong 4th Dan

Armen, Donell, Philip, Steve, Jacob, Frederick, Ellie, Asher, Matthew
Russell, Rob, Chris, Jerome, Christine

Bromley Junior Gradings - Congratulations!

Dhillon Mahal, 2nd Kyu – Blue
Thomas March, 2nd Kyu – Blue

Mika Survayan, 6th Kyu – Yellow/Orange
Ayden Mahal, 7th Kyu – Yellow

Genya Mizuta, 8th Kyu – Red
Gohki  Mizuta, 8th Kyu – Red
Matthew Marsh, 8th Kyu – Red

Ben Holder,  9th Kyu – White / 2 x Red + 1 [...]

Regional Grading Congratulations!

Grading Panel:
Chris Stamate 4th Dan, Jerome Chin-Aleong 4th Dan, James Burman 3rd Dan, Jon Gorf 2nd Dan
Sport Aikido GB Clubs –  Bromley, Kidbrooke, Tunbridge Wells, Worthing
Thanks to the uke’s and parents!

Steve Gibbons – 1st Kyu
Philip Seabourne – 1st Kyu
Mariusz Mrozek – 1st Kyu
Eleanor Hughes – 2nd Kyu & double grade
Damon Thomson [...]

Article on Shodokan Open U-18's in The Greenwich Times

8th Shodokan Open Tournament - Entry form now available

Annual National Aikido Tournament
8th Shodokan Open
Saturday 8th June at Thomas Tallis, Kidbrooke Park

– updated info … teens from 16 years (graded) can compete in the Embu event –

Entry Form Due Sunday 2nd June!


Shd Open Under 18's Tournament - Results

Thank you to all competitors, parents/guardians, referees and volunteers who made the Inaugural Shodokan Open for Under 18’s a great day/event. All the officials agreed that there was some superb aikido and a lot of potential in the next generation of Aikidoka Youth, ranging from as young as 6 years up to 17 years.

Double click [...]

Shodokan Open < Under 18’s Tournament .... on Saturday 27th April!

Thomas Tallis Dojo…
(near Greenwich/Blackheath – full details in document)
Kidbrooke Park, SouthEast London SE3 9PX

This is a national tournament, for Aikidoka under the age of 18 years can feel the nerves, compete with others from different organisations, understand the participation, learn budo and experience the overall atmosphere of a large competition.

Alan MacQuarrie 'Stay Safe' Book now available on Amazon

Alan MacQuarrie has recently been back in the UK for his excellent Safety & Protection Course, of which many of us have already attended and recommend.   The skills learnt are without doubt immensely useful throughout life, as you will hear from real life scenarios in Alan’s talk & demonstrations.  We are very pleased to announce that [...]

BAA Senior National Championships - Saturday 7th April at Dartford Judo Dojo

Senior National Championships
Sunday, 7 April 2013
Registration from 9.30 a.m. Close 10.00 a.m.
Competition will begin at 10.30 a.m.
Entry Fee: £15.00 per person

Minimum grade entry 2 Kyu

Embu events:
Open to members aged 16 years and over
Competitors may enter two of the three Kata events Randori-no-Kata (from Shōmen-ate) Koryū-dai-San no Kata/Goshin, Sections A and B (1-16). Open [...]