2013 Events Calendar Update.....

Randori Only

(Dojo Information)

Second Thursday of every month!
The next session will be Thursday 14th March, 7:00-9:00pm.

No drills
No teaching techniques
And definitely no Kata

Just Randori and lots of it. Just turn up and get stuck in.
Contact:  Erik Dop 07817 151 584 and Paul Herbert [...]

Tanseikan Fun Day for the under 18's Aikidoka

David & Vanda from Club Tanseikan are hosting another Fun Day.  We highly recommend for our South East Aikidoka ~ great day for both instructors and members with lots of medals & cups to be won.  Previous Club Bromley winners have been Donell & Asher, Ben, Philip and Matthew.  If you havn’t managed to get [...]

Kidbrooke Park training starts Thursday 10th

The mat space will be split into two:-

1)  class  7:00-9:00pm – Teens to Adults
2)  mat space for tournament training £5.00 p/person

Chris Stamate – email SE.aikido@gmail.com

Thomas Tallis Sports Centre, 154 Kidbrooke Park Road, London SE3 9PX -situated very near to Blackheath/Greenwich.

A permanent competition level Martial Arts Dojo with two permanent [...]

Club Bromley gains Sport UK Club Mark Accreditation

Congratulations to Club Bromley for achieving Sport England UK Club Mark Status.
Sport England recognises and values the commitment made by sports clubs to develop high quality, welcoming environments for young participants.

Clubmark was introduced in 2002 by Sport England to:

Ensure that accrediting partners apply core common criteria to ensure that consistent good practice and minimum [...]

Shodokan Aikido Newsletter - Xmas Edition

….in this Xmas issue….

Letter to the Editor on Shodokan Squad

SAUK Annual Xmas Seminar Article & Grading Results

Juniors Cartoons News from Aikido South East and Tanseikan

University Feature
Leeds at the Hombu, History of the University Clubs and meet the SAUK Uni Club Owners

Member articles on [...]

Bromley Juniors 2012 Trophies & Prizes

Most Improved Student – Ghoki Mitzu
Ukemi Champion – Matthew Marsh
Sumo Champion – Dhillon Marsh
Randori Champion – Jonathan Murray

Break-Fall Balloon Competition – Jonathan Murray
Ukemi Competition – 1st place, Ghoki Mitzu and 2nd place, Matthew Marsh
This was THE last aikidoka junior on hands and knees.  Itt was a very high number of press-ups in total (80-100 apparently counted!) before Ghoki won.  Matthew [...]

Grading News

Congratulations to everyone!
… a great way to wrap up the year for all Aikido South East members.

Malaga Xmas Seminar & Grading
PANEL:  Phil Newcombe 7th Dan, Satoru Tsuchya 6th Dan, Scott Allbright 6th Dan
Christine Young – 1st Dan, Shodan

Juniors Grading ~ TTWSAC (Tunbridge Wells & Tonbridge)
PANEL:  Chris Stamate 4th Dan, Di Buckley 3rd Dan, James Burman 3rd Dan
Miles Cronin – 2nd Dan [...]

Xmas Training Schedule for Bromley, Langley & Kidbrooke Park

Last 2012 Wednesday class – 12th December
Last 2012 Sunday class – 16th December

First 2013 Sunday class – 6th January
> 8:30am, Juniors
> 9:30am to 11:30am, Teens & Adults

First 2013 Thursday class at the new Thomas Tallis Dojo – 10th January
> 7:00-9:00pm

Shodokan Open 2013 Tournaments are now confirmed!

The Shodokan Open 2013 is confirmed for Saturday 8th June
and introducing
The Shodokan Open Under 18’s Tournament on Saturday 23rd March.

~ further details for both tournaments will be published in the next few months~

Both tournaments will be held at a new venue
Thomas Tallis Dojo – Kidbrooke Park
Thomas Tallis Sports Centre, 154 Kidbrooke [...]