Shodokan Aikido Newsletter #59 - May 2011

Newsletter highlights….  Shodokan Newsletter 59 – May 2011

Congratulations to Scott Allbright, graded to 6th Dan by Nariyama Shihan.

Plenty of training events/courses/seminars in preparation for the 9th International Tournament including volunteering opportunities to help out.

New to the events calendar - Christian Kirkman, current Randori World Champion and his coach, Steve Evans will be holding a seminar/course on Saturday 9th [...]

Michael McCavish 5th Dan (JAA) teaching in the Central London Dojo on Friday 3rd June

Session with Michael McCavish, 5th Dan and Senior Hombu Dojo Instructor will be teaching in the Central London Dojo tomorrow at 7:00pm.  For those who didn’t make it to Skenny last weekend, here is the final opportunity before he returns to Japan.  Everyone welcome and another opportunity not to be missed!

Address: Albion College, 23 Bloomsbury [...]

Michael McCavish 5th Dan (JAA) and Senior Hombu Dojo Instructor teaching in London and the South East.

Michael McCavish 5th Dan and Senior Hombu Dojo Instructor will be teaching at the following 3 classes before the Skenthrith weekend.
Saturday, 11am – 1pm at Seven Islands Leisure Centre, Rotherhithe.
Tuesday evening, 7:45 – 9:30pm at City of London Academy, Bermondsey.
Wednesday evening, 5:30–7:30pm at Ittaikan, Dorset Gardens, Brighton. Everyone is welcome.

Everyone is welcome.

Club instructor changes at Dartford

Di Buckley is taking a 6 month sabbatical from running Dartford to focus on how to dig deeper into peoples gobs and at the same time looking for work placing roots into canals (or something like that).

Bromley’s assistant instructor, Rob Cardell, 1st Dan will be running the Dartford Club until Di returns.

Most people know Rob [...]

Randori Shodohai - Sat 5th Feb, 12pm at Dartford Dojo

A mini no-pressure, no medals Basho and a good opportunity for both competitor and referee to have more experience/practice ahead of a busy tournament year.  All graded members welcome.    There will also be more information on the SAUK Referee courses and qualification.

Details are as follows :-
Registration:   from 11:45am
Time:  12:00-3:00pm
Cost:  £5.00 per person ~ Referees do not [...]

SAUK Latest Newsletter #57 and 2011 Events Calendar

Shodokan Newsletter 57 – October 2010


Latest news & information and already available is the 2011 SAUK Events Calendar with many events, seminars, tournaments and competitions confirmed.

New for 2011 is the mid-year Shodan Grading, South Pre-squad Training Sessions and Referee Courses.

We recommend you regularly check this website  and “Shodokan London” & “Shodokan Aikido [...]

SAUK Xmas Seminar & Party, Sat 11th & Sun 12th December

Confirming the SAUK Xmas Seminar & Party has moved from the first weekend of December to the following weekend on 11th & 12th December.

The Xmas Party will be held on the evening of  Saturday 11th.

Seminar with Phil Newcombe will be held on Sunday 12th at 12:00-5:00pm at the Sheffield University Octagon Centre.

More details will be [...]

A great weekend at the First Brighton & Hove Aikido Festival

Some pictures from the first Brighton & Hove Aikido [...]

Regional Grading August

A great grading last week. Congratulations to: Will, Chris, Graham, Stathis, Stephen, Christine & Philip who all passed.

Aikido Randori - by Tetsuro Nariyama

Tetsuro Nariyama is the Chief Technical Director of the Japan Aikido Association (JAA). This new book (Available from mid July) describes the practice Aikido Randori, from the basics to application, along with an explanation of the underlying principles and a clarification of the historical and theoretical foundations of competitive aikido.

The result is a detailed work of [...]