Film on Southern Inter-Club Basho held Saturday 23rd June

On Saturday, June 23rd, the South East Clubs had a friendly get-together for Aikido basho session to test our skills and prepare for the Shodokan Open Competition on July 7th.

Song: Come As You Are by Yuna (Tyler Clark Remix)
Artist: EDM Network

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Side Note: The woman doing randori in the beginning is a senior [...]

Shodokan Open Tournament Information & Entry Form

The annual Shodokan Open 2012 Tournament is confirmed for Saturday 7th July at the Dartford Judo Club.
Please see attached full tournament information and entry form.

Shodokan Open 2012 – Tournament Information

Shodokan Open 2012 ENTRY FORM

Deadline for Entries: Friday 29th June.

Referees and volunteers also welcomed – please let us know if you are available.

If for any [...]

Regional Grading Congratulations

Darryl Kearvell, 2nd Kyu – Blue
Thanh-Giang Nguyen, 3rd Kyu – Green
Dominic McGree, 4th Kyu – Orange
John Wallbank, 4th Kyu – Orange
Matyn Richards, 5th Kyu – Yellow Belt
Frederick Johnson, 7th Kyu – Red Belt
Jacob Johnson, 7th Kyu – Red Belt
Ilya Paripsa, 8th Kyu – Red Belt with 1 Star
Joseph Farrow, 8th Kyu – Red Belt with 1 [...]

The Shodokan training system

Tomiki Shihan discovered that the educational principles and randori training of Judo could be applied to Aikido. He devised a set of 17 techniques which could be applied in competition (the randori no kata) including striking (atemi waza) and wrist locking (tekubi waza). He also created a series of basic practices (kihon kozo) to help [...]

Annual Aikido Pub Crawl - Saturday 26th May

This year’s Pub Crawl is celebrating the birthdays of James & Imogen Burman (Imi is 40 this year!!).

Starts 1:30pm in Nottinghill Gate and will eventually end in Soho, Covent Garden way – lots of beer and dinner eventually – Everyone is welcome!!

Here are all the details…..Route Map of Pubs – May 2012

If you have [...]

Sussex Sport Aikido - Change of training night

Sussex are changing training from Friday to Thursday’s – same time, same place, different day!

Tuesday, 7:30-9:30pm St Andrews, (Old Church) Hall, Church Road, Hove
Thursday, 8:00-10:00pm University of Sussex, Sports Centre, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RB

Contact: Jerome Chin-Aleong,

2012 Tanseikan Fun-days

A great opportunity for all Aikido juniors & teens to meet other club members, attend a course by senior Aikido Instructors, view a demonstration, participate in a mini-competition & basho, play some games, win medals & trophies and have a relaxing fun day out with the family.

2012 Dates:  Saturday 28th April and Saturday 10th November

Time:  [...]

SAUK Club Event, EIS Shefffield…. this Saturday 21st April, 11am to 4pm

VENUE ADDRESS can be found on:
10:30am – 11am ~ Registration
11am – 12:30pm ~ Seminar Nage no Kata Omote (last 11)
12:45pm – 1pm ~ Instructors Demo *club owners to let Scott know on the day*
1pm – 1:45pm ~ Refereeing & Scoring Course

1:45 – 4pm ~ Kongdantaisen
event 1 - Nage no Kata Omote – up to 5th Kyu
event [...]

The First ETAN Junior and Youth European Championship

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October 2012
Sport- und Feriencenter, Fiesch, 3984 Fiesch, Switzerland

Dear Aikidoka,

We have the greatest of pleasure in inviting you to Switzerland for the 1st Junior and Youth ETAN championships. This prestigious event will not only present you with an opportunity to compete against other Aikidoka from Europe but [...]

BAB Coach Course in London, 24th & 25th March

BAB Coach Level 1 Course

Central London Shodokan Aikido Club
Albion College
23 Bloomsbury Square
London WC1A 2PJ

Cost £55

To register contact Marlon Hoating,