South East Clubs schedule with Mike McCavish, 5th Dan

There is also a special Juniors class with Mike McCavish on Saturday 29th September.   We hope as many of the parents from all the clubs can get their Juniors to Tonbridge for a great lesson.

Sunday 23 September | 9.30am to 11.30am
Glades Shopping Centre, Studio 2, Pavilion Sports Centre, Kentish Way, Bromley BR1 3EF
Contact: Chris Stamate on [...]

Pictures from Phil Newcombe, 7th Dan last class at City....

Thanks to Phil Newcombe, 7th Dan for a great seminar at City’s last night and the surprise arrival of a number of friends from Aikido past !

Marvellous to see a number travelling from afar ~ Louise from NZ, Mike from the Phillipines and others from Manchester, Brighton/Hove,  Jim from Sevenoaks !!  Pictures of last nights [...]

Shodokan Aikido Newsletter 64 - enjoy

Update on Shodokan Aikido Federation (SAF).

Results from the July Shodokan Open Tournament with the new <18 years category for Teens.
Confirmation of the next Juniors Tanseikan Funday.

Mike McCavish, 5th Dan on tour in the UK.
Full schedule and many congratulations on his wedding!

From the York Aikido club their club profile [...]

Congratulations & Thanks to Sensei Rob

Congratulations to Sensei Rob Cardell for his 10th Year in aikido, with a BIG THANKS  from Sensei Chris, all the juniors, club members and Sunday aiki Mom & Dads for supporting Aikido South East.

Thanks to Gail Bennett (m 7736 026 066)  for the fantastic Caricature Chocokate Cake – completely devoured by the juniors and adults!!

Mike McCavish, 5th Dan - New club visits confirmed....

Saturday 6th Oct
9.30 – 11.00 Juniors, 11.00 – 12.30 Adults
Seven Islands Leisure Centre, 100 Lower Road, Rotherhithe, SE16 2TU
Contact:  David Fielding on 07810 507 235

Sunday 7th October
9.30am to 11.30am
Weapons Class
Glades Shopping Centre, Studio 2, Pavilion Sports Centre, Kentish Way, Bromley BR1 3EF
Contact: Chris Stamate on 07904 095 690

Sunday 7th October
1.00pm to 4:00pm
City of London Academy, [...]

No class at Bromley Pavilion on Bank Holiday Sunday

Just a reminder there is no class this Bank Holiday Sunday – enjoy!

Also, Mike McCavish (5th Dan) will be back on Sunday 9th September and Sunday 23rd September at 9:30am – 11:30am..

There will be a surprise on the 9th  so hope as many of you can make training that morning – especially the Juniors!!

Chris & [...]

Last night at the City Club with Phil Newcombe, 7th Dan

Calling all past members, present members, visitors and spectators of City University Shodokan – the last training session in this historic location will be next Thursday 30th August, 7:00 pm.  It is our pleasure to announce that Phil Newcombe, 7th Dan shall take the session as fitting completion to a chapter of over 25 years.

There [...]

Basho class this Tuesday in Tunbridge Wells.

Aikido Basho Training - We have borrowed the term “Basho” for our monthly training sessions that concentrate on Aikido training, specifically for competition. As with Sumo, Aikido competition is not about strength, it relies on the skill of the practitioner – these lessons are to develop that skill!

This Tuesday (7th August), 7:30 – 9:30pm.

Contact James Burman for more info.

Mike McCavish Sensei - Club Visits

Full schedule for Mike McCavish, 5th Dan across the UK.

Saturday 21st July | 11am – 2pm.
Jo and Bokken Aikido Seminar
Seven Islands Leisure Centre, 100 Lower Road, Rotherhithe, SE16 2TU.
Contact: Vanda Fairchild on 07957 403 578

Tuesday 24th July | 8pm-10pm
Thursday 26th July | 8pm-10 pm
Tunbridge Wells, Vale Royal Methodist Church, London Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent,  TN1 [...]

The London & Hove Aikido Festival 2012

This years instructors include:

• Satoru Tsuchiya, 6th Dan
• Scott Allbright, 6th Dan
• Michael Mccavish, 5th Dan
• Erik Dop, 4th Dan
• Matt Houlton, 4th Dan
• David Findlay, 3rd Dan