SAUK Student Nationals - 10th & 11th March

This year’s Student Nationals is taking place in Nottingham  – Harvey Hadden Sports Complex, Wigman Road, Nottingham NG8 4PB.

1 – The schedule for this year student nationals

2 – The competition registration form – which needs to be returned to Scott ( 

3 – Accommodation and meal information - please confirm to Mo (

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Latest Aikido Community Newsletter & SAUK 2012 Events Calendar

Plenty of courses, seminars, competitions and news on our community members.

Shodokan Newsletter 61 – January 2012


Nariyama Shihan 1993

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London & Hove Aikido Festival

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Taking place over two days (15th and 16th October 2011) at the King Alfred Sports Centre in Hove. On Saturday there are seminars with some incredible instructors: Phil Newcombe, (7th Dan JAA) Shodokan European Technical Director, Scott Allbright (6th Dan, JAA) and all the way from Japan, Michael Mccavish (5th Dan, JAA), [...]

The 2011 South of the River Aikido Seminar - 24 & 25 September

Genryukan Aikido and Mushin no Shin Aikido present The 2011 South of the River Aikido Seminar at The SAGA Pavilion, Folkestone.

We are hoping the weekend ticket price will provide everyone with amazing value for money.  It is an open event, so all are welcome regardless of association.  This year we also have a dedicated juniors [...]

9th International Tournament Pictures & Video

Many congratulations to the Seniors who graded at the 9th International Tournament with Shihan.
Dave Fielding, Tanseikan – 6th Dan
Erik Dop, Aikido South East Greenwich – 4th Dan
Marlon Hoating, Central London Shodokan Aikido – 4th Dan

Also, many congratulations to the Aikido South East Mens Randori Team for making it to the 3rd/4th Place Finals.

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Open Mat (free!) available for tournament practice - Wed 10th August

Beckenham, Langley Sports Hall Dojo will be available to all competitors for practice on Wednesday evening, 6:00 – 9:30pm – free of charge.

Closest BR – Eden Park
Car-parking instructions:  Langley Park Sports Centre Map and Car Park Instructions

There are some minor works on Hawkesbrook Lane.  Those coming from Eden Park British Rail can still go down Hawkesbrook Lane as it [...]

Shodokan Open 2011 Tournament Results

Here are the results from what was a great event and again demonstrated some of the highest level of competition Aikido in the UK.  It is impossible to single out any particular moments as the day contained so many highlights.  Well done to all competitors and special thanks to all the volunteers who did a fantastic [...]

The Shodokan Open 2011 Entry Forms are now available!

The 2011 Shodokan Open will be held on Saturday 16th July at the Dartford Judo Club from 9:30-6:00pm.   It’s the last National competition before the 9th International Tournament!!

We only accept club entries, but please feel welcome to contact us if you are an individual so we can place you within a team.

For full event [...]

Shodokan Aikido Sheffield is celebrating after receiving a £500 donation from the MARS Refuel Drink Fund

Shodokan Aikido and Shimeijurasen Karate Club, in Sheffield, is celebrating after receiving a £500 donation from the MARS Refuel Drink Fund.

The club, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, is run from a small dojo in the city.   Senior Aikido Instructor Scott Allbright currently runs three aikido clubs, a karate club and a wrestling [...]