Southern Clubs March Grading

Congratulations to the members at Tunbridge Wells and Bromley who graded this weekend.

Ellie Hughes (on right) graded to 2nd Dan Juniors, pictured here with her uke Alice Walker, 1st Dan Juniors.

Sunday Bromley under 16 years:-
- Double Graded to 9th Kyu:   Asher Waysome, Donnell Waysome, Jack Fraser, Jacob Lang, Matthew Harris
- Graded to 10th Kyu:  Mikayel Suvanyan, Erik Suvaryan, Reef Preece-Robertson, Taero Preece-Robertson

Sunday Bromley Adults:-
- Armen Suvanyan graded to 8th Kyu and Bernie Davis to 7th Kyu.


Tunbridge Wells:-
Darryl Kearvell (pictured left) graded to 4th kyu with 1 star and Richard Cronin graded to 3rd kyu.

Panel:  James, Di, Chris ~
Chris Stamate, 4th Dan – Dartford, Bromley & Beckenham Clubs
Di Buckley, 3rd Dan – Dartford & Tonbridge Clubs
James Burman, 3rd Dan – Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells Clubs

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