Seminar Session no#2 - Kata points for International Competition, Sat 11th June in Brighton

Junanahon no kata – Randori no kata; Goshin no kata – koryu dai san

Following on from the May Session, the seminars are for players intending to take part in the 2011 International taikai, and for all aikidoka wanting to improve their kata skills.

Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Fees:  £5.00 per session.
Venue: Ittaikan Aikido Club, Peace Park, Dorset Gardens, Brighton  BN2 1RL

The purpose is to develop and refine skills, then refresh the following month to look at progress; improve overall understanding and performance.  Both seminars will be followed by our regular Saturday class (4.30 – 6.30pm): weapons practice / randori training. All participants must hold recognised insurance and be able to take ukemi (breakfalls)!

If players want to stay overnight to sample the fun that is Brighton, there are lots of places to stay…make a weekend of it!!

All the best, Paul Bonett
Tel: 07774 629014 /
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