Volunteer Competitors needed for Referee Course on Saturday 18th June in London

For those wanting additional practice ahead of the 9th International Tournament the below Coach Course is looking for Volunteer Competitors from 12.00 noon to 3.00 p.m.; all Randori and Embu players are welcome to attend. 

Course for referees, score-keepers, time-keepers

Date:        Saturday 18 June 2011
Venue:     The City of London Academy, 240 Lynton Road, Southwark, London  SE1 5LA
Time         10:00am-3:00pm – course attendees / 12:00pm-3:00pm – volunteer competitors
Fee:           FOC (BAA) and £10.00 (non BAB members)

Course content:
Module 5: Score-keeping and time-keeping rules
Module 6: Summary of Embu, Randori and Kongo-dan-taisen rules and standard judgements
Module 7: Practical application for Randori and Kongo-dan-taisen

All Assistant and Centre Referees for the 9th International Tournament to be held in London this year must complete Modules 1 to 5 before August 2011 .   All volunteers for score-keeping and time-keeping must complete Modules 5 to 7 before August 2011 and need attend at least one all day session

If you need more information please contact Nicole Anson, BAA Development Officer (Sport)
m 07795 012 128 / nicole_anson_baa@yahoo.co.uk

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