Shodokan Open 2011 Tournament Results

Here are the results from what was a great event and again demonstrated some of the highest level of competition Aikido in the UK.  It is impossible to single out any particular moments as the day contained so many highlights.  Well done to all competitors and special thanks to all the volunteers who did a fantastic job making the day run smoothly!

Flickr Photos – enjoy!

You Tube Videos
1 – Sheffield vs Aikido SE (Randori) –
2 -Tanseikan vs Sheffield (Randori) –
3 – Ittakian vs Sussex (Randori)  –
4 – Manchester vs Tanseikan (Randori)   –
5 – Sheffield vs Manchester (Randori)  –
6 – Sheffield vs Manchester (Randori)  –
7 –  Sheffield vs Tunbridge Wells (Embu)  –
8 – Sheffield vs Sheffield (Embu) –

We look forward to seeing many of the competitors at the 9th Internatonal event in August and best of luck to you all.

Nage No Kata
Gold: Ittaikan, Stockel & Walters
Silver:  Nottingham, Zhng & Jovian

Randori No Kata
Gold:  Sheffield, Zu & Wong
Silver:  Ittaikan, Puttock & Simmons
Bronze:  Sheffield, Ang & Charles

Tanto Randori No Kata
Gold:  Sheffield, Coveney & Chater
Silver:  Sheffield, Pagnier & Nalaskowska
Bronze:  Sheffield, Chua & Grey

Goshin No Kata
Gold:  Sheffield, Pagnier & Nalaskowska
Silver:  Tunbridge Wells, Middleton & Burman
Bronze:  Sheffield, Chater & Coveney

Randori – Womens Individuals Dan Grade
Gold:  Manchester, Beardsmore
Silver:  Sheffield, Pagnier
Bronze:  Sheffield, Nalaskowska

Randori – Womens Individuals Kyu Grade
Gold:  Sussex, Garcia
Silver:  Sheffield, Wong
Bronze: Tanseikan, Whatson

Randori – Mens Individuals Dan Grade
Gold:  Manchester, Ramsden
Silver:  Sheffield, Coveney
Bronze:  Sheffield, Beeching

Randori – Mens Individuals Kyu Grade
Gold:  Nottingham, Evans
Silver:  Sussex, Vincent
Bronze:  Tanseikan, Pearce

Randori – Team
Gold:  Sheffield – Beeching, Nalakoswka, Chua
Silver:  Tanseikan – Wilkinson, Wong, Austin
Bronze:  Manchester – Ramsden, Beardsmore, Pearce

The Shodokan Open 2011 Cup - Sheffield

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