Last night at the City Club with Phil Newcombe, 7th Dan

Calling all past members, present members, visitors and spectators of City University Shodokan – the last training session in this historic location will be next Thursday 30th August, 7:00 pm. ┬áIt is our pleasure to announce that Phil Newcombe, 7th Dan shall take the session as fitting completion to a chapter of over 25 years.

There will probably be some aikido and there will definitely be a lot of pubbage with obligatory nonsense talked. So even if you can’t make training, it would be fantastic to see you in The Peasant, 240 St John Street, London EC1V 4PH from say 9:00pm-ish.

Come down and help us send off the old sweaty dungeon with a bang. What’s the craic? Well, the good news is university is apparently investing in a new martial arts facility. The bad news is we’re out on our ear at the end of August for a year or two.

We will kick off the following week in the Finsbury Leisure Centre, on Monday nights.

Contact Dave Findlay – mobile 07540 376 140

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