Shodokan Aikido Newsletter 64 - enjoy

Update on Shodokan Aikido Federation (SAF).

Results from the July Shodokan Open Tournament with the new <18 years category for Teens.
Confirmation of the next Juniors Tanseikan Funday.

Mike McCavish, 5th Dan on tour in the UK.
Full schedule and many congratulations on his wedding!

From the York Aikido club their club profile and
a great article for Referees on Attention & Automaticity from Matt Houlton.

With Xmas only 16 weeks (….I know…!!.) Aikido Espanol are sending information soon and
if you are looking for a Xmas Present, don’t miss out on the new Aiki Edinburgh Calendar!
See a new perspective of the club.

As usual – an Aikido Thought from Phil Newcombe Head of SAUK, Lauren’s Vlog,
Events Calendar for 2012 and 2013 and info on BAB insurance admin.

Thanks to all the contributors this month.


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