Tanseikan Fun Day - Sunday 4th November

This is a great opportunity for all Aikidoka juniors & teenagers (under age 18 years) to meet other club members, attend a course run by senior Aikido Instructors, view world class demonstrations, participate in a mini- competition, play some games, win medals & trophies and have a relaxing fun day out with the family.

Time:  10am to 3pm

£15 entry fee, sibling discount £10 per child
Seven Islands Leisure Centre, 100 Lower Road, Rotherhithe, SE16 2TU
(Free parking underneath the sports centre)

Competition Entries for Embu, Tanto Tai-Sabaki, Hikitategeiko and Ninin dori

Children should bring BAA or SAUK membership book to sign and proof of insurance.

Bring a packed lunch and plenty of drinks (no fizzy or caffeinated drinks). Adults and family members are very welcome to watch and any adult Aikidoka are welcome to assist on the day. Any questions please contact David Fielding or Vanda Fairchild on 07810 507 235 or email Aikidouk@aol.com

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