Shodokan Aikido Federation (SAF) World Championships Latest Info

2013 SAF Aikido World Championships and International Junior Aikido Festival (The 11th Kansai Junior Aikido Tournament)

The championships will be held on the 50th anniversary of the founding of Shodokan Aikido. This will be a time to forge or strengthen friendships and unite across the world. This event will also provide the opportunity to promote Shodokan Aikido in and around Osaka City, Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium, 3-1-40, Tanaka, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 552-0005 Japan

 July 13th & 14th  ~ Aikido World Championships
July 15th ~  International Junior Aikido Festival – The 11th Kansai Junior Aikido Tournament 

EVENTS – 2013 Aikido World Championships
17 Basic Randori Techniques (non-dan grades, without tanto)
17 Basic Randori Techniques (dan grades, with tanto)
Koryu Goshin no Kata (suwari waza and tachi waza 16 techniques)
Free Style (free/open kata, without weapon, within 2 minutes, a second uke is not allowed)

Mixed Team Event: Randori
Men’s Team Randori
Men’s Individual Ranodori
Women’s Team Randori
Women’s Individual Randori

6 Basic Techniques ~ players who are under 10 years old until 1st April 2014
Randori Embu ~ players who are under 13 years old until 1st April 2014
Free Style ~ players who are under 16 years old until 1st April 2014
Free Style ~ players who are under 19 years old until 1st April 2014

Mixed Team Event
To further promote friendship, all junior participants are encouraged to join this event and form mixed teams.

Tanto Competition
Tanto Tai Sabaki Kyogi (under 10)
Tanto Seigyo Kyogi (under 13)
Tanto Randori (under 16)
Tanto Randori (under 19)

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