Bromley Juniors 2012 Trophies & Prizes

Most Improved Student – Ghoki Mitzu
Ukemi Champion – Matthew Marsh
Sumo Champion – Dhillon Marsh
Randori Champion – Jonathan Murray

Break-Fall Balloon Competition – Jonathan Murray
Ukemi Competition – 1st place, Ghoki Mitzu and 2nd place, Matthew Marsh
This was THE last aikidoka junior on hands and knees.  Itt was a very high number of press-ups in total (80-100 apparently counted!) before Ghoki won.  Matthew has to be applauded for a tremendous effort, being 5 years old up against his 10 year old opponent – we were all very impressed !!

The club would like to thank all the members and parents for a tremendous 2012 of aikido, enthusiasm and classic aikido moments – it’s been alot of fun and lots of laughs for all.

Merry Xmas to you all and see you in the New Year.
Best wishes for the festive season from Chris, Rob, Christine, Russell and Catherine.

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