Tanseikan Fun Day for the under 18's Aikidoka

David & Vanda from Club Tanseikan are hosting another Fun Day.  We highly recommend for our South East Aikidoka ~ great day for both instructors and members with lots of medals & cups to be won.  Previous Club Bromley winners have been Donell & Asher, Ben, Philip and Matthew.  If you havn’t managed to get to one, hopefully you can make the 23rd and it’s a good prelude to gain some further competition experience ahead of the Shodokan Open Under <18’s Tournament in March.    

Saturday 23rd February     

10:00 am – 3:00pm    

£15.00 p/child entry fee and sibling discount £10.00 p/child    

Seven Islands Leisure Centre,  100 Lower Road, Rotherhithe  SE16 2TU    

There is ample free parking available (car park underneath the sports centre)
Embu – any 10 techniques – Judged using the flag system

Tanto Tai-Sabaki – 6 tanto strikes in 30 seconds    

Hikitategeiko  demo event– showing kaeshi waza and combination    

Ninin dori – partners from different clubs    

There will be coaching throughout the day, prior to each separate competition event.
High grade demos and games at the end of the day before the medals ceremony.
Children should bring BAA or SAUK membership book to be signed and bring proof of insurance.
They should bring a packed lunch and plenty of drinks (no fizzy and no caffeinated drinks).    

Everyone welcome to watch and any Adult Aikidoka welcome to assist on the day .    

If you have any questions please contact
Vanda 07957 403 578 or David on 07810 507 235 ~ email Aikidouk@aol.com    


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