Shodokan Open Tournament Results

Nage No Kata
Gold:  Guthrie/Miguel – Sussex Shodokan
Silver:   Brenner/Ralfe – Shodokan Scotland
Bronze:   Johnson/Johnson – Shodokan South East

Randori No Kata
Gold:   Plummer/Clement – Kyogikan
Silver:   Kamara/Wilson – Tanseikan
Bronze:   Kawasaki/Murzynova – Tanseikan

Tanto Randori No Kata
Gold:   Chater/Coveney – Shodokan Kyogikan
Silver:   Gallagher/Saunders – Shodokan Leeds
Bronze:   Hatward/Hayward – Sussex

Goshin No Kata
Gold:  Wolput/Chater – Tanseikan
Silver:  Nalaskowska/Ang – Shodokan Kyogikan
Bronze:  Saul/Nisbett – Shodokan Scotland

Randori – Womens Individuals
Gold:  Wolput – Belgium
Silver:  Smalle – Tanseikan
Bronze:  Nalaskowska – Shodokan Kyogikan

Randori – Mens Individuals
Gold:  Pearce – Tanseikan
Silver:  Kamara – Tanseikan
Bronze:  Nisbet – Shodokan Scotland

Randori – Team
Gold: Pearce/Smalle/Ogunbiyi – Tanseikan
Silver:  Chater/Nalaskowska/Coveney – Shodokan Kyogikan
Bronze:   Kamara/Wolput/Lomax-Cooke – Tanseikan

Club Winner:  Tanseikan

Thanks to Jon Gorf and Paul Herbert for managing the event this year .

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