Juniors and Teens Under 18's

Shodokan Aikido South East has been running Aikido classes for Juniors for almost 10 years. During that time several of the Juniors have progressed through the Grading system to obtain their Junior Sho Dan (Black Belt). Boys and girls, can start from the age of 6 years old and will progress into the adults classes around the age of 15/16 years (dependent on size, ability, etc) and after about 12 months will be re-graded under the adult’s syllabus.

The classes are structured and follow the same Shodokan Aikido syllabus that is used in Japan. The juniors will learn how to do breakfalls, numerous self defence techniques and a certain level of competitive play that gives them confidence and an understanding of competition in a fun way. All Juniors’ are encouraged to proceed at their own speed and will often build up their own aims and confidence from the others in the class.

During the year, we plan to hold one or two seminars where they can get together with other Shodokan Aikido clubs to have a “funday”. These events give the Juniors the opportunity to have some friendly competition practice with other club members.

As the Juniors move into the adults class what they have learned so far will have developed a foundation that should allow them to pass through the adults syllabus in a relatively quick time. It is possible that those students who move from the Juniors class as Dan Grades, into the adults class and could obtain their Adult Dan grade as a teenager.

The emphasis in the Juniors class is on having fun! We aim to introduce young people to a martial art that is one of the fastest growing Martial Arts in Japan with a increasing number of Juniors both in Japan and the UK now practicing it. The current Aikido World Champion is from Manchester and started Aikido at the age of 14!

For more information contact Chris Stamate either by email or on 07904 095690

Other Info on SAUK Junior Clubs (see page 4 of the June Newsletter):


Sunday morning training: http://www.flickr.com/photos/64550301@N04/sets/72157627106152516/

Seminar with 2011 World Randori Champion and his coach, Steve Evans.
Christian started at age 15 years and Steve started at age 11 years.

Alice, Chris (club owner & instructor), Steve (World Champion Coach), Matthew, Jacob, Christian (World Champ), Taero
More photos – http://www.flickr.com/photos/64550301@N04/sets/72157626975635863/