Shodokan defines several kata. Some of the more important kata are listed below.

Randori No Kata
Randori no kata (or Junanahon no kata) is the basic kata for Shodokan Aikido. The kata consists of 17 basic techniques, which, with their variations, are legal within Shodokan randori.

Koryu Goshin no Kata
Old stream self defense kata, includes many techniques that hark back to pre-war aikido (when the art was still taught as Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu). This set of 50 techniques is sometimes referred to as the Koryu dai san and includes weapons as well as empty-hand techniques.

Nage no kata omote and ura
A set of throwing techniques: 7 direct and 7 more circular and fluid. This sequence is actually the first part of Koryu dai yon which includes eleven more techniques.

Goshin Ho
A set of 50 self defense techniques that are part of the curriculum for yondan and up.