Shinza: Adults & Young Person gradings

Download the full syllabus in PDF format here.

For 2010, Shodokan London (Bromley, Dartford, and Greenwich), Islington, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge will be introducing three Kyu Gradings/Seminars throughout the year. It is open to all club members grading for any Kyu grades and mandatory for those grading for 2nd & 1st Kyu.

Format: The day will be in 2 parts:-

Part 1 … will be a seminar to practice your grading and have some coaching prior to the official grading. This will also be an opportunity for the panel to make an observational assessment.

Part 2 …will be the formal grading. Members can only grade if they have valid aikido training insurance and bring their licence book.

Seminar without Grading: We would strongly encourage all members to attend the day even if you are not grading to support your fellow club member – aikido team spirit! It is a great opportunity to gain valuable experience as being a uke (“attacker”) which is an important part of everyone’s aikido development to understand this role. There will also be valuable 1-1 coaching feedback for all participants from the senior Aikido instructors.

Timetable: The venue and time will be either at Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Bromley, Dartford and Hove pending venue availability for the following dates:-

Cost: £20.00 = Adults £10.00 = Juniors Free-of-charge for volunteer uke’s

Class Gradings

It is at the discretion of the club instructors for 8th Kyu to 3rd Kyu (Red to Green Belt) if they choose to grade you during class time. Members who are having a class grading should be graded at the club they attend the most, as it is your regular instructor that is most aware of your progress.

If for any reason, you want a class grading at another club, members will need to seek permission from their regular instructor who must speak to the intended club owner. If they agree, your licence book will need to be sent to the grading club a week before the grade. If you are a regular member at several clubs, all the instructors must speak prior to the grading for agreement.

Additional thoughts:

• Important to Shodokan Aikido UK is maintaining the guidance and direction from our Hombu (home club) in, Japan and having all our members train to a consistent and high standard.

• Any member can grade as many times as they wish to throughout the year, it is all good experience and valuable feedback whether you pass or fail. Instructors may give you guidance whether to grade but this shouldn’t be a guarantee to passing on the day. Like any test, a number of factors such as performance on the day, seminar observational assessment and instructor(s) continuous knowledge throughout the year all are contributing factors to the grade. It is always a panel agreement.

• Grading should not be thought of as a race or competition, everyone’s progress is different and has many factors, e.g.: fitness, training frequency, injuries and most of all understanding.

• Aikido is a community, be kind and respectful to all members – aikido team spirit!