Erik Dop, 4th Dan

Erik Dop (4th Dan) has been training Aikido for more than 15 years. Erik began his training under Scott Allbright (6th Dan) in Sheffield, and continued his tutelage under Philip Newcombe (7th Dan) when he moved to London. He now regularly travels to Osaka, Japan, to receive instruction from Tetsurō Nariyama Shihan, the chief technical director of the Japan Aikido Association.

Prior to Aikido, Erik trained in Judo (he took it up at the age of 6) and competed at both national and European level under the guidance of Jan Kuipers (Judo Bond Nederland).

In Aikido Erik has excelled as both competitor and coach. In 2001 he won two Bronze medals at the World Championships in Osaka, and in 2005 won a Silver medal in Tokyo. He has consistently won medals at both National and European competitions over last decade and a half. From 2004-5 Erik was assistant coach/player for Team Shodokan GB, and helped secure one of the largest medal hauls ever won by a foreign team at a World Championship in Japan. From 2006-7 he was National Coach of, what became, the top team at the World Championships in Ohio, USA.

Erik opened his first club, in 2003 in Orpington, and moved the club to Greenwich in 2007, naming the club Bushinkan (KANJI). When teaching the Shodokan syllabus Erik lays emphasis on basics and technical detail; when coaching the sport he looks to let each player develop their own style.