Chris Stamate, 4th Dan

Chris Stamate is currently 4th Dan who has been practicing Aikido since 1986 and teaching Aikido for almost 20 years.   Chris started his Aikido in London under the instruction of Phil Newcombe, 7th Dan (Founder of Shodokan Aikido UK).

Chris started a number of clubs in South East London alongside continuing to receive his own instruction from Phil Newcombe.   Throughout his aikido career, he has competed at local, national and international levels and managed the 2005 UK Squad that fought in the World Championships, Katsura, Japan.

His current clubs are located in Bromley, Beckenaham and Kidbrooke Park, where he has taken a number of his members to Black Belt and beyond to starting their own clubs!

He is a strong supporter of the next generation, running classes for aikidoka from age 6 years with emphasis on promoting sport aikido.  A number of his juniors started with him at age 6/7 years and now in their teens are Dan Grade Juniors (Ellie Hughes, Alice Walker, Laurie).   He is the Event Owner of the National Competitions  -  The  Shodokan Open for Adults and the new Shodokan Open < Under 18’s GB Tournaments and Editor for the Shodokan Aikido Newsletter.