The Results of International Junior Aikido Festival

Date: 15th July, 2013
Venue: Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium

Embu – 6 Basic Techniques under 10
1st place          Daisuke Inoue・Ryosuke Ogata(Team Vamos)
2nd place         Nana Ando・Yu Saito(Shodokan Sumiyoshi)
3rd place          Mao Iwabuchi・Ichika Uchihashi(Shodokan Sumiyoshi)

Embu – Randori Embuunder 13
1st place          Sena Kiriyama・Aoi Takayama(Shodokan Ikuno)
2nd place         Keita Okabe・Mizuki Tanaka(Shodokan Ikuno)
3rd place          Shuya Dobashi・Nanase Moue(Shodokan Iwaki)

Embu – Free Styleunder 16
1st place          Honoka Takayama・Shion Kiriyama(Shodokan Ikuno)
2nd place         Mashiro Ohnishi・Hoki Shogaki(Team Vamos)
3rd place          Izuki Nakagawa・Yumi Nishida(Team Vamos)

Embu – Free Styleunder 19
1st place          Jin Kagiyama・Yousuke Miki(Ichioka High School)
2nd place         Chiharu Morimoto・Kouya Yoshizawa(Mushinjuku)
3rd place          Shingo Ikeda・Mizuki Toyooka(Tenri Shodokan)

Tanto Tai Sabaki Kyogi (under 10)
1st place          Souta Okabe(Shodokan Ikuno)
2nd place         Ryosuke Ogata(Team Vamos)
3rd place          Takuma Knoh (Team Vamos)

Boy’s Tanto Seigyo Kyogi (under 13)
1st place          Takuhiro Terauchi (Team Vamos)
2nd place         Keita Okabe (Shodokan Ikuno)
3rd place          Sena Kiriyama (Shodokan Ikuno)

Girl’s Tanto Seigyo Kyogi (under 13)
1st place          Haruna Inoue (Team Vamos)
2nd place         Kokoa Ohshige (Konami Sports Club, Higashi-Kakogawa)
3rd place          Hasuno Nishiyama (Seishinkai)

Boy’s Individual Tanto Randori (under 16)
1st place          Shion Kiriyama (Shodokan Ikuno)
2nd place         Yuto Nakamura (Zuiko Junior High School)
3rd place          Kazuma Hatta (Zuiko Junior High School)

Girl’s Individual Tanto Randori (under 16)
1st place          Honoka Takayama (Shodokan Ikuno)
2nd place         Yumi Nishida (Team Vamos)
3rd place          Hoki Shogaki (Team Vamos)

Boy’s Individual Tanto Randori (under 19)
1st place          Shingo Ikeda (Tenri Shodokan)
2nd place         Kohei Ouchi (Shodokan Honbu)
3rd place          Yuki Kawamura (Zuiko)

Girl’s Individual Tanto Randori (under 19)
1st place          Nanami Terauchi (Team Vamos)
2nd place         Chiharu Morimoto (Mushinjuku)
3rd place          Mayu Sou (市岡高校)

The Results of 2013 SAF Aikido World Championships

Date: 13th – 14th July, 2013   
Venue: Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium

Embu – Free Style
1st place          Tetsuya Nariyama・Tomofumi Masuda  (Shodokan Honbu)
2nd place         Kentaro Sugano・Yuki Kawamura(Shodokan Honbu)
3rd place          Taeko Yamazaki – Masami Takehara(Shodokan Musashino)

Embu – Koryu Goshin no KataSuwari Waza and Tachi Waza 16 techniques
1st place          Yuka Ueta・Kumiko Mantani(Shodokan Honbu)
2nd place         TaisukeYoshida・Tomohiro Tsudani (Tenri University)
3rd place          Yumiko Date・Michiko Takae(Shodokan Honbu)

Embu – 17 Basic Randori Techniques (dan grades, with tanto)
1st place          Fumika Yamasaki・Ikuko Tanaka(Shodokan Honbu)
2nd place         Taiki Higashi・Shigetoshi Murata(Shodokan Honbu)
3rd place          Naoki Ogashi・Shingo Yuki(Baigokai)

Embu – 17 Basic Randori Techniques (non-dan grades, without tanto)
1st place          Satoshi Takeda・Yusuke Arai(Shodokan Honbu)
2nd place         Yuki Imamura・Masataka Hattori(Kinki University)
3rd place          Akane Okabe・Rie Imai(Shodokan Ikuno)

Randori – Men’s Team
1st place          Shodokan Honbu
2nd place         Seijo University
3rd place          Baigokai

Randori – Women’s Team
1st place          Shodokan Honbu Blue
2nd place         Kinki University
3rd place          Shodokan Red

Mixed Team Event
1st place          Shodokan Musashino A
2nd place         Yobukai
3rd place          Shodokan Honbu Red

Randori – Men’s Individual
1st place          Tetsuya Okamoto(Yobukai)
2nd place         Takumi Matsunaga(Kinki University)
3rd place          Hiroki Ikeda(Tenri University)

Randori – Women’s Individual
1st place          Fumika Yamasaki(Shodokan Honbu)
2nd place         Rina Hori(Shodokan Honbu)
3rd place          Yoshie Morimoto(Shodokan Honbu)

Club Bromley & Kidbrooke – August Summer Break

Due to work commitments, school holidays, great summer weather and instructor availability, both clubs (Kidbrooke & Bromley) will be having a summer break for all of August.

Last Thursday class at Kidbrooke is 25th July
Last Sunday class at Bromley for both juniors and adults is 28th July

For those members who are on a scheme, you will be refunded or credited 3 x classes for August.

Any questions, please get in touch by email

Have a great summer – enjoy!!


Shodokan Open Tournament Results

Nage No Kata
Gold:  Guthrie/Miguel – Sussex Shodokan
Silver:   Brenner/Ralfe – Shodokan Scotland
Bronze:   Johnson/Johnson – Shodokan South East

Randori No Kata
Gold:   Plummer/Clement – Kyogikan
Silver:   Kamara/Wilson – Tanseikan
Bronze:   Kawasaki/Murzynova – Tanseikan

Tanto Randori No Kata
Gold:   Chater/Coveney – Shodokan Kyogikan
Silver:   Gallagher/Saunders – Shodokan Leeds
Bronze:   Hatward/Hayward – Sussex

Goshin No Kata
Gold:  Wolput/Chater – Tanseikan
Silver:  Nalaskowska/Ang – Shodokan Kyogikan
Bronze:  Saul/Nisbett – Shodokan Scotland

Randori – Womens Individuals
Gold:  Wolput – Belgium
Silver:  Smalle – Tanseikan
Bronze:  Nalaskowska – Shodokan Kyogikan

Randori – Mens Individuals
Gold:  Pearce – Tanseikan
Silver:  Kamara – Tanseikan
Bronze:  Nisbet – Shodokan Scotland

Randori – Team
Gold: Pearce/Smalle/Ogunbiyi – Tanseikan
Silver:  Chater/Nalaskowska/Coveney – Shodokan Kyogikan
Bronze:   Kamara/Wolput/Lomax-Cooke – Tanseikan

Club Winner:  Tanseikan

Thanks to Jon Gorf and Paul Herbert for managing the event this year .

Click Here for Photo’s

Congratulations to Russell Marsh - graded to 1st Kyu!

Grading Panel:  Chris Stamate 4th Dan & Jerome Chin-Aleong 4th Dan

Armen, Donell, Philip, Steve, Jacob, Frederick, Ellie, Asher, Matthew
Russell, Rob, Chris, Jerome, Christine

Bromley Junior Gradings - Congratulations!

Dhillon Mahal, 2nd Kyu – Blue
Thomas March, 2nd Kyu – Blue

Mika Survayan, 6th Kyu – Yellow/Orange
Ayden Mahal, 7th Kyu – Yellow

Genya Mizuta, 8th Kyu – Red
Gohki  Mizuta, 8th Kyu – Red
Matthew Marsh, 8th Kyu – Red

Ben Holder,  9th Kyu – White / 2 x Red + 1 star grading & double graded
Benjamin Harding,  9th Kyu – White / 2 x Red
Jamie Blewett ,  9th Kyu – White / 2 x Red
Natasha Blewett,  9th Kyu – White / 2 x Red
Nina Bhasker,  9th Kyu – White / 2 x Red
Ryan Bhasker,  9th Kyu – White / 2 x Red

Nathan Harris-Orr, 10th Kyu – White/ 1 x Red Stripe

Grading Panel:  Chris Stamate 4th Dan, Jerome Chin-Aleong 4th Dan, Rob Cardell 2nd Dan, Christine Young 1st Dan.
Many thanks to Russell, Armen, Catherine and parents!



Regional Grading Congratulations!

Grading Panel:
Chris Stamate 4th Dan, Jerome Chin-Aleong 4th Dan, James Burman 3rd Dan, Jon Gorf 2nd Dan
Sport Aikido GB Clubs –  Bromley, Kidbrooke, Tunbridge Wells, Worthing
Thanks to the uke’s and parents!

Steve Gibbons – 1st Kyu
Philip Seabourne – 1st Kyu
Mariusz Mrozek – 1st Kyu
Eleanor Hughes – 2nd Kyu & double grade
Damon Thomson – 4th Kyu
Armen Suvaryan – 5th Kyu
Jake Gorf – 5th Kyu
Asher Waysome – 5th Kyu
Donell Waysome – 5th Kyu
Matthew Harris – 5th Kyu

Ellie is pleased that her belt is Conservative Party Blue

Birthday Bish-Bash-Bosh Celebrations

At Club Bromley, to celebrate a birthday we skip the cake and have a traditional aiki birthday basho  …  the juniors are the first to tell us it’s their birthday, and it’s the much much older members who are always very reluctant to say!


Genya Mizuta Birthday Video 2013

Mikayel Suvaryan Birthday Video 2013

Jonathn Murray Birthday Video 2013

Ryan Bhasker Birthday Video 2013

Matthew Marsh Birthday Video 2013

Jamie Blewett Birthday Video 2013

Dhillon Mahal Birthday Video 2013

Philip Seabourne Birthday Video 2013

Instructor Rob Cardell Birthday Video 2012

Matthew Harris Birthday Video 2012

Ghoki Mitzu Birthday Video 2012

Jonathan Murray Birthday Video 2012
….watch for cheeky member no 5 applying his own kuzushi strategy!!

Article on Shodokan Open U-18's in The Greenwich Times

8th Shodokan Open Tournament - Entry form now available

Annual National Aikido Tournament
8th Shodokan Open
Saturday 8th June at Thomas Tallis, Kidbrooke Park

– updated info … teens from 16 years (graded) can compete in the Embu event –

Entry Form Due Sunday 2nd June!