Shd Open Under 18's Tournament - Results

Thank you to all competitors, parents/guardians, referees and volunteers who made the Inaugural Shodokan Open for Under 18’s a great day/event. All the officials agreed that there was some superb aikido and a lot of potential in the next generation of Aikidoka Youth, ranging from as young as 6 years up to 17 years.

Double click on pix to see all photo’s from Russell Marsh and The Greenwich Times – enjoy!

Event 1, Sumo 6 – 8
Gold:  Natasha Blewett, Bromley
Silver:  Adam Boudjella, Tanseikan
Bronze:  Matthew Marsh, Bromley

Event 1, Sumo 9 – 11
Gold:  Keela King, Tanseikan
Silver:  Ellesha Fielding, Tanseikan
Bronze:  Tarabella Middleton, Tonbridge & Cranbrook

Event 1, Sumo 9 – 11
Gold:  Edward Read, Tonbridge & Cranbrook
Silver:  Ben Holder, Bromley
Bronze:  Max Moore, Tonbridge & Cranbrook

EMBU – Randori No Kata 6 – 8
Gold:  Natasha + Jamie Blewett, Bromley
Silver:  Callum Pullen + Adam Boudjella, Tanseikan
Bronze:  Mika Surveyan + Nathan Orr, Bromley

EMBU – Randori No Kata 9 – 11
Gold:  Keela King + Ellesha Fielding, Tanseikan
Silver:  Ben Harding + Peter Young, Bromley
Bronze:  Emily Cracknell + Tarabella Middleton, Tonbridge & Cranbrook

Randori – Individuals 6 – 8
Gold:  Adam Boudjella, Tanseikan
Silver:  Genya Mizuta, Bromley
Bronze:  Jamie Blewett, Bromley

Randori – Individuals 9 – 11
Gold:  Keela King, Tanseikan
Silver:  Natasha Blewett, Bromley
Bronze:  Ellesha Fielding, Tanseikan

Randori – Individuals 9 – 11
Gold:  Finlay Hills, Tanseikan
Silver:  Max Moore, Tonbridge & Cranbrook
Bronze:  Ben Holding, Bromley

EMBU – Nage No Kata 12 – 14
Gold:  Miles Cronin + Will Welford, Tonbridge & Cranbrook
Silver:  Billie Wilson + Artur Pienkowski, Tanseikan
Bronze:  Skyler King + Sos Mobee, Tanseikan

EMBU – Randori No Kata 12 – 14
Gold:  Miles Cronin + Will Welford, Tonbridge & Cranbrook
Silver:  Billie Wilson + Artur Pienkowski, Tanseikan
Bronze:  Skyler King + Sos Mobee, Tanseikan

EMBU – Nage No Kata 15 – 18
Gold:  Donell Waysome + Asher Waysome, Bromley
Silver:  Matthew Harris + Frederick Johnson, Bromley
Bronze: No placing

EMBU – Randori No Kata 15 – 18
Gold:  Will Hayward + Edward Read, Tonbridge & Brighton Ittaikan
Silver:  Donell Waysome + Asher Waysome, Bromley
Bronze:  Matthew Harris + Frederick Johnson, Bromley

Randori – Female Individuals 12 – 14
Gold:  A Soso Mobee, Tanseikan
Silver:  Skyler King, Tanseikan
Bronze:  Billie Wilson, Tanseikan

Randori – Individuals 12 – 14
Gold:  Artur Pienkowski, Tanseikan
Silver:  Miles Cronin, Tonbridge & Cranbrook
Bronze:  Will Welford, Tonbridge & Cranbrook

Randori – Individuals 15 – 18
Gold:  Frederick Johnson, Bromley
Silver:  Donnell Waysome, Bromley
Bronze:   Asher Waysome, Bromley

Randori – Team 12 – 18
Gold:  Frederick Johnson & Matthew Harris, Bromley + Skyler King, Tanseikan
Silver:  Donell Waysome & Asher Waysome, Bromley + Billie Wilson, Tanseikan
Bronze: Miles Cronin & Will welford, Tonbridge & Cranbrook

Genya Miztu (age 6 years) for outstanding sportsmanship & budo …&… Matthew Harris (teens) for his effort and commitment throughout the Tournament.

CLUB Trophy for most points was an equaliser with Club South East Bromley & Greenwich …&… Tanseikan.

Shodokan Open < Under 18’s Tournament .... on Saturday 27th April!

Thomas Tallis Dojo
(near Greenwich/Blackheath – full details in document)
Kidbrooke Park, SouthEast London SE3 9PX

This is a national tournament, for Aikidoka under the age of 18 years can feel the nerves, compete with others from different organisations, understand the participation, learn budo and experience the overall atmosphere of a large competition.

PART 1: 9am to 12pm for 6 – 11 years
PART 2: 12pm to 3pm for 12 – 18 years

Events available are Sumo, Embu, Individual Randori and Team Randori for all ages.
All Aikido organisations are welcome, however we only accept club entries.

We are committed to providing a safe environment for all young people,the tournament follows the BAB Guidelines on Child Protection Policy Issues and is a BAB Insured event.  All competitors must be BAB insured and proof of insurance is required.

If you are a club owner, please email Chris Stamate for an entry form

The Tournament Organisers are Sport England Club Mark Accredited (#AK0012)

Alan MacQuarrie 'Stay Safe' Book now available on Amazon

Alan MacQuarrie has recently been back in the UK for his excellent Safety & Protection Course, of which many of us have already attended and recommend.   The skills learnt are without doubt immensely useful throughout life, as you will hear from real life scenarios in Alan’s talk & demonstrations.  We are very pleased to announce that his book is now available on Amazon.

Womens Only Seminar with Vanda Fairchild, 5th Dan and Gitte Wolput, 2nd Dan

 Vanda & Gitte are respected competitors in the community and have both been World Champion Randori players
~ see below their Aikido CV ~

Vanda has a busy juniors and adults club (Tanseikan) with partner David Fielding in South East London, running Fun-Days and teaching regularly at BAA courses & event
we are very pleased that Gitte is travelling over from Belgium. She runs both juniors and adults classes and the Wolput family are well known in the community on the world stage.

 This is a great opportunity to have some World Class Coaching from 2 of our top European Female Coaches. Already confirmed are members from both Belgium and France, so hopefully as many GB Girls will be making it along … and the Scottish always host a good event!!

 Saturday 20th April, from 11:00 to 4:00pm

 at EICA Edinburgh
South Platt Hill, Newbridge EH28 8AA >>

Dinner and Drinks afterwards

Organiser: Louise Saul, or m 07812 928 415

 More info on facebook >>


Vanda Fairchild

  •  1995 Vandalia – USA (Open International Championship)
    Gold Women’s Team, Ranodri V Fairchild,P Chase & C Kaur
    Gold Mixed team Randori M Alves,V Fairchild, S Allbright, C Kaur & D Fielding
    Bronze Women’s Individual Randori V Fairchild 
  • 1997 Imabari : Japan (3st International Championships)
    Bronze Women’s Individual Randori Vanda Fairchild
  • 2005 Katsuura Japan (6st International Championships)
    Bronze Womens Team Randori D Jones, V Fairchild, N Anson
  • We thought we will also mention that Vanda was the 1992 series 1 Winner of Gladiators TV Game Show.

Gitte Wolput – CV coming soon….

Intense Tournament session Sunday 28th April in Brighton

The Sport Centre, University of Sussex
Building 57, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 9RB

Members from the Sussex Aikido Clubs (Sussex Sport Aikido & Worthing Shodokan) have expressed an interest in going to Japan to take part in the 2013 Aikido World Championships being held in Osaka in July.

We will be starting to make our preparations from this month, with Thursday sessions at the University of Sussex, being particularly focused on the sport/competition side of Aikido.

Also at least once a month, we will have a dedicated “Competition ONLY” session to be held on a Saturday. To attend only two criteria needs to be met:

1. You are prepared to work…HARD!
2.  Your insurance is up-to-date

All sessions are open to anyone (18+, all grades) who would like to join us!
Even if you are not planning to go to Japan, or just want to do the random session(s), you are welcome to attend, as the more experience our players get with others, the more prepared they will be!

Sussex University is easy access off the A 27, just off the A 23 (from London)
Free parking is available at the Sport Centre car park, Nearest Train station is Falmer Station.

Thursdays ~  (8pm-10pm): £5.00
Saturdays  ~ The venue costs is £35.00 and will be divided by the number of attendees, (e.g. 10 players, each pays £3.50)

If you are hoping to go to Japan, looking for a partner for Embu, be part of a team, and/or would like to join our group you are welcome!  Please contact us by the 24th January as provisional entries need to be submitted to Japan by the 31st January.
Best regards,

Jerome Chin Aleong (07951 177 936, & Jon Gorf (07785 948 460,
Sussex Aikido Clubs (Sussex Sport Aikido & Worthing Shodokan)

No class at Bromley on Easter Sunday 31st March

Just a reminder that on bank holiday’s…. instructors and parents get a lie-in!

Have a great Easter!

Club Bromley ~ Chris, Christine, Rob, Russell & Catherine

BAA Senior National Championships - Saturday 7th April at Dartford Judo Dojo

Senior National Championships
Sunday, 7 April 2013
Registration from 9.30 a.m. Close 10.00 a.m.
Competition will begin at 10.30 a.m.
Entry Fee: £15.00 per person

Minimum grade entry 2 Kyu

Embu events:
Open to members aged 16 years and over
Competitors may enter two of the three Kata events Randori-no-Kata (from Shōmen-ate) Koryū-dai-San no Kata/Goshin, Sections A and B (1-16). Open Kata (up to 2 minutes armed or unarmed) Ninindori

Randori events:
Open to members aged 18 years and over: Women’s individual Tantō Randori  and Men’s individual Tantō Randori .   Open to members aged 35 years and over: Men’s Masters individual Tantō Randori
Male competitors may enter one Tantō Randori event
Entries to be submitted by Saturday 24 March 2013
Competition will be run under 2003 rules.
All competitors must hold a current BAA licence and bring it, with their Record Book, on the day.

Please submit entries and entry fees (by cheque, payable to British Aikido Association) to the address below
Contact Nicole Anson~ Email: Tel: 07795 012 128
To cover possible technical hitches, please copy emailed entries to:

A-SE RECOMMENDS: Personal Safety & Protection Course with Alan MacQuarrie....this saturday

 We are very pleased to have Alan MacQuarrie back in the UK for his excellent Safety & Protection Course, of which many of us have already attended and recommend.  If you havn’t managed to make one, please try to get along to this one in Brighton.  Everyone over the age of 16 years is welcome ~ friends, family and not just aikidoka.  The skills learnt are without doubt immensely useful throughout life, as you will hear from real life scenarios in Alan’s talk & demonstrations.

Saturday 16th March
at Brighton University Sports Centre

Any questions please contact:
Jerome Chin Aleong 07951 177 936 or Jon Gorf 07785 948 460




Many thanks to Fumika & Ayaka for a fantastic seminar at Thomas Tallis last night

Fumika and Ayaka held a most enjoyable, inspiring seminar last night with a lot of aiki energy & enthusiasm!! For members who havn’t had a chance to attend one of their seminars, your last chance is tomorrow at Brighton and you will not be disappointed!!

Great turnout of members from different organisations, including teenagers and our youngest attendee Leah, aged 11 years from Tanseikan.

We thank Paul, David and Vanda for making it happen and arranging them to be at Aikido South East.  Also thanks to Chihiro for her fine technical translation skills.

We hope that we will see them again in the UK.

Last stop on Fumika Yamasaki and Ayaka Nakashima GB Tour is
Brighton Falmer Sports Centre,  BN1 9PH
Saturday 9th
- 11am-4pm

Group Pix – Thomas Tallis – Thursday 7th March

2013 Events Calendar Update.....