Bromley Juniors 2012 Trophies & Prizes

Most Improved Student – Ghoki Mitzu
Ukemi Champion – Matthew Marsh
Sumo Champion – Dhillon Marsh
Randori Champion – Jonathan Murray

Break-Fall Balloon Competition – Jonathan Murray
Ukemi Competition – 1st place, Ghoki Mitzu and 2nd place, Matthew Marsh
This was THE last aikidoka junior on hands and knees.  Itt was a very high number of press-ups in total (80-100 apparently counted!) before Ghoki won.  Matthew has to be applauded for a tremendous effort, being 5 years old up against his 10 year old opponent – we were all very impressed !!

The club would like to thank all the members and parents for a tremendous 2012 of aikido, enthusiasm and classic aikido moments – it’s been alot of fun and lots of laughs for all.

Merry Xmas to you all and see you in the New Year.
Best wishes for the festive season from Chris, Rob, Christine, Russell and Catherine.

Shodokan Aikido Federation (SAF) World Championships Latest Info

2013 SAF Aikido World Championships and International Junior Aikido Festival (The 11th Kansai Junior Aikido Tournament)

The championships will be held on the 50th anniversary of the founding of Shodokan Aikido. This will be a time to forge or strengthen friendships and unite across the world. This event will also provide the opportunity to promote Shodokan Aikido in and around Osaka City, Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium, 3-1-40, Tanaka, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 552-0005 Japan

 July 13th & 14th  ~ Aikido World Championships
July 15th ~  International Junior Aikido Festival – The 11th Kansai Junior Aikido Tournament 

EVENTS – 2013 Aikido World Championships
17 Basic Randori Techniques (non-dan grades, without tanto)
17 Basic Randori Techniques (dan grades, with tanto)
Koryu Goshin no Kata (suwari waza and tachi waza 16 techniques)
Free Style (free/open kata, without weapon, within 2 minutes, a second uke is not allowed)

Mixed Team Event: Randori
Men’s Team Randori
Men’s Individual Ranodori
Women’s Team Randori
Women’s Individual Randori

6 Basic Techniques ~ players who are under 10 years old until 1st April 2014
Randori Embu ~ players who are under 13 years old until 1st April 2014
Free Style ~ players who are under 16 years old until 1st April 2014
Free Style ~ players who are under 19 years old until 1st April 2014

Mixed Team Event
To further promote friendship, all junior participants are encouraged to join this event and form mixed teams.

Tanto Competition
Tanto Tai Sabaki Kyogi (under 10)
Tanto Seigyo Kyogi (under 13)
Tanto Randori (under 16)
Tanto Randori (under 19)

For more information please email the Hombu direct on- or

Entry Form

Grading News

Congratulations to everyone!
… a great way to wrap up the year for all Aikido South East members.

Malaga Xmas Seminar & Grading
PANEL:  Phil Newcombe 7th Dan, Satoru Tsuchya 6th Dan, Scott Allbright 6th Dan
Christine Young – 1st Dan, Shodan

Juniors Grading ~ TTWSAC (Tunbridge Wells & Tonbridge)
PANEL:  Chris Stamate 4th Dan, Di Buckley 3rd Dan, James Burman 3rd Dan
Miles Cronin – 2nd Dan Juniors + 2 stars
Emily Cracknell – 5th Kyu +  1 star
Stephanie Mills – Double Graded to 9th Kyu + 1 star
Peter Basham – Double Graded to 9th Kyu
Natasha Mills – Double Graded to 9th Kyu

Regional Adults Grading
PANEL:  Chris Stamate 4th Dan, Erik Dop 4th Dan, James Burman 3rd Dan, Jon Gorf 2nd Dan
Many thanks for Grecia, Imogen, Paul and Rob for uke work.
TTWSAC: Darryl Kearvell – 1st Kyu +  1 star
Bromley: Philip Seabourne  – 2nd Kyu +  1 star
Greenwich: John Wallback – 3rd Kyu
Bromley: Alice Walker – 3rd Kyu
Greenwich: Chihiro Kawasaki – 4th Kyu + 1 star
Bromley: Asher Waysome – 6th Kyu
Bromley: Donell Waysome – 6th Kyu
Greenwich: Joe Farrow – 6th Kyu
Greenwich: Frederick Johnson – 6th  Kyu
Greenwich: Jacob Johnson – 6th Kyu
Bromley: Chris Hugo – 8th  Kyu +  1 star
Bromley: Paul  Young – 8th Kyu +  1 star
Bromley: Colin Napthine – 8th Kyu
Bromley: Sam Napthine  – 8th Kyu

Bromley Club Grading
PANEL:  Chris Stamate 4th Dan, Rob Cardell 2nd Dan, Christine Young 1st Dan
Matthew Harris – 6th Kyu

Greenwich Club Grading
PANEL:  Erik Dop 4th Dan, Paul Herbert 2nd Dan
Mark Shraga – 4th Kyu

Juniors Grading ~ Bromley
PANEL:  Chris Stamate 4th Dan, Rob Cardell 2nd Dan, Christine Young 1st Dan
Many thanks to Paul, Russell, Catherine, Alice, Ellie, Philip, Armen helping with the juniors prep for their grading.
Dhillon Mahal – 3rd Kyu
Thomas Marsh – 3rd Kyu
Mikayel Suvanyan – 7th Kyu  + 2 stars
Erik Suvaryan – 7th Kyu
Jonathan Murray – 8th Kyu + 1 star
Ayden Mahal  -  8th Kyu
Gohki  Mizuta – 9th Kyu + 1 star
Matthew Marsh – 9th Kyu
Benjamin Harding – 10th Kyu
Genya Mizuta – 10th Kyu + 1 star
Jamie Blewett – 10th Kyu
Natasha Blewett – 10th Kyu
Nina Bhasher  – 10th  Kyu
Ryan Bhaser  – 10th Kyu


Xmas Training Schedule for Bromley, Langley & Kidbrooke Park

Last 2012 Wednesday class – 12th December
Last 2012 Sunday class – 16th December

First 2013 Sunday class – 6th January
> 8:30am, Juniors
> 9:30am to 11:30am, Teens & Adults

First 2013 Thursday class at the new Thomas Tallis Dojo – 10th January
> 7:00-9:00pm

Shodokan Open 2013 Tournaments are now confirmed!

The Shodokan Open 2013 is confirmed for Saturday 8th June
and introducing
The Shodokan Open Under 18’s Tournament on Saturday 23rd March.

~ further details for both tournaments will be published in the next few months~

Both tournaments will be held at a new venue
Thomas Tallis Dojo – Kidbrooke Park
Thomas Tallis Sports Centre, 154 Kidbrooke Park Road, London SE3 9PX
Situated very near Blackheath/Greenwich.

A permanent competition level Martial Arts Dojo with two permanent matted areas and spectator seating for 150.

Closest Rail is Kidbrooke Park – 2 min walk to the Dojo.
Plenty of buses available from Rail & DLR Stations Lewisham, Blackheath & Greenwich and
Underground Tube Station North Greenwich (02). 
Bus no 286, 178, 132 drop you right outside the Dojo.
Taxi’s from all BR stations is approx 5 min pending traffic.

There is a great variety of accommodation in nearby Blackheath & Greenwich

Tournament Organiser, Chris Stamate – email
ps:   Aikido-SE Thursday night training at Thomas Tallis starts 10th January, 7:00-9:00pm.

SAF Aikido World Championships Information, 13-15 July 2013

Dear SAF Members,

The SAF currently enjoys a membership of 81 clubs from all over the world, and we are expecting a few more clubs to join soon.

We have the pleasure to officially announce the 2013 Aikido World Championships to be held in Osaka next summer from Saturday 13th to Monday 15th July.

2013 Shodokan Aikido Federation (SAF) Aikido World Championships Information

Please see the attached information. If you have any inquiries about this event, please feel free to contact the SAF Administration Office at,

If you have any questions about other international matters, please feel free to contact me at,

Thank you very much for joining the SAF.

Best Regards,

Sekio Endo
International Department
Shodokan Aikido Federation

Tanseikan Fun Day - Sunday 4th November

This is a great opportunity for all Aikidoka juniors & teenagers (under age 18 years) to meet other club members, attend a course run by senior Aikido Instructors, view world class demonstrations, participate in a mini- competition, play some games, win medals & trophies and have a relaxing fun day out with the family.

Time:  10am to 3pm

£15 entry fee, sibling discount £10 per child
Seven Islands Leisure Centre, 100 Lower Road, Rotherhithe, SE16 2TU
(Free parking underneath the sports centre)

Competition Entries for Embu, Tanto Tai-Sabaki, Hikitategeiko and Ninin dori

Children should bring BAA or SAUK membership book to sign and proof of insurance.

Bring a packed lunch and plenty of drinks (no fizzy or caffeinated drinks). Adults and family members are very welcome to watch and any adult Aikidoka are welcome to assist on the day. Any questions please contact David Fielding or Vanda Fairchild on 07810 507 235 or email

Sensei Mccavish, 5th Dan, will be teaching at Greenwich tonight

Tuesday 16th October.

7:30 – 9:30pm

St. Marks Methodist Church & Centre,
22 Greenwich South St
SE10 8TY
We are less than five minutes walk from Greenwich Station.
For more information contact Erik Dop on 0781 – 715 1584

The London & Hove Aikido Festival – just over a week to go.

Registration: 9.30 to 10.15 am
Seminars: 10.15 am to 5.40 pm

Registration: 9.15 to 10.00 am
Competition: 10.00 am to  2.00 pm

Venue: Map.
King Alfred Leisure Centre
Kingsway, Hove, East Sussex
Tel: 01273 290290

This years instructors include:

• Satoru Tsuchiya, 6th Dan
• Scott Allbright, 6th Dan
• Michael Mccavish, 5th Dan
• Erik Dop, 4th Dan
• Matt Houlton, 4th Dan
• David Findlay, 3rd Dan

Randori competition (Sunday)
This year we are going to be taking the competitive element up a notch or two, with three separate events with medals, prizes etc. The events this year will be:
• Men’s randori
• Women’s randori
• Mens team competition (3 per team).

The fees this year remain unchanged at:
Adults: 2 days £40, 1 day £30
Students/concessions: 2 days £30 or 1 day £20
Under 16’s (seminar only): £10

Saturday night social

This year we will be again having a meal at Donatello resturant in Brighton. We have booked a reservation for 30 people at 7.30pm. 3 course meal for £10.95 (pay for your own drinks separately). If you would like to reserve a place please contact Paul Herbert (

1-3 Brighton Place
Tel: 01273 775 477.

Malaga Xmas Seminar & Grading Information


Shodokan Aikido Spain and myself look forward to hosting the first SAUK Xmas Seminar and Grading in the warmer climes of the Costa del Sol on Saturday 1st December this year.

 It would be good to see as many of you as possible so a reminder to book early, which it makes it no more expensive than travelling to Scotland!


Phil Newcombe, 7th Dan
Head of SAUK, Technical Director SAUK and SAE